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Massage Services


Massage techniques designed to address your specific health issues from deep tissue and trigger point treatments to reduction of inflammation, decreasing water retention, easing of arthritic inflammation or choose to indulge in a pampering, stress-relieving Hawaiian massage.

Pricing ranges from $35 to $80. Add ons are available for an additional cost.



Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is most often requested to address both acute and chronic, long-term pain and build up of muscle tension. A variety of techniques are utilized to reduce muscular stress and restore of range-of-motion, balance and function.


Chair Massage

Chair Massage is offered for those that prefer not to lie flat or those that prefer to remain clothed while receiving the benefits of massage.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage utilizes various sizes of heated stones which are placed at specific points on the body to provide deep penetrating heat to relax the muscles and reduce stress. Active massage is also performed on the client with the heated stones.


Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage originated in the South Pacific and is applied utilizing coconut oil and administered in a nurturing, rhythmic flow to the client. This is a gentle, light-pressure modality.


Therapeutic Massage

Pregnancy / Geriatric / Therapeutic Massage is tailored to address the needs of specific clients from body positioning to various levels of pressure while insuring the client is receiving the full benefits of massage with careful attention to any medical limitations that may be present.


Essential Oils

Essential Oils are offered and routinely utilized during massage sessions through a diffuser but can also be offered topically as a therapeutic administration in conjunction with massage cream. Please request before your appointment if you are interested!


Request a Massage Appointment

Let us help you book your massage. Simply request a service below and we will reach out to assist you with the booking process.



First time receiving a massage?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted and shown to your massage room. For most massage services, you should undress yourself to your desired comfort level, keeping your undergarments on. You will do so in the privacy of your massage room, followed by securely covering yourself with a blanket that is provided on the massage table.

Once ready, your therapist will come in and discuss areas that may need more attention than others. Open communication will be made between you and your therapist, making sure your massage is truly customized. When your massage is finished, the therapist leaves the room and you can dress yourself.

Drinking water after a massage is highly recommended as it provides proper hydration to the muscles that have been manipulated by your therapist.